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Keep Main Street Alive! The Funded Project is a YouTube Channel and, a Facebook group. The Funded Project provides a safe place for businesses to find resources that they need in business. Through merchandise sales, The Funded Project discounts services and gives away services to small businesses who otherwise could not afford them. The Funded Project is not a 501C and it is not here to make money. It has one sole purpose, to motivate the community to support small businesses.  The YouTube Channel follows the journey.  

Submit your 1-2 Minute Video, Write a short bio with your story and we will post it on the vote now page within 24 hours of your submission. Share Your Vote Link with Your Friend, Family, or Customers to get the most votes. A video is not required but helps you get more votes.

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A close group

The Funded Project is a group of friends that work with each other, where we get to spotlight projects that we have done, events hosted, and our story. Where you get to meet the people behind the scenes, our families and friends. If you have read this far we invite you to enjoy our YouTube Channel, get involved with us by sharing us, and pointing us to anyone you think we can help. 


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The host and cast of our show

Rick is someone that if he does not know how to do it, is going to learn it, then teach it, and show everyone how to make money with it.  His mission is to become the support system for businesses to have a safe place to come for advice in growing their businesses. He has connections now to over 200 funders, web developers that are in the United States, Artists, payroll companies, consumer finance companies, equipment dealers, retailers, and more. Being in the safe network allows all of us the ability to go about our business without the worry of someone's past or someone's greed trying to take your money away. The system has such a huge net it casts that over 90% of the customers that use it come back and use it again. The Funded Project is not here to sell business owners anything, it is here to support them, and gift them advertising, lunch, and sometimes, cash. The project is funded by you and the host and this is his way of giving back when everyone seems to be taking.  Rick would rather sell T-shirts, sponsor small business expos and make videos for the viewers every day.  The future of The Funded Project is funded off contributions from both of Rick's companies. We want to go coast to coast and meet business owners and give them something that everyone needs, and that is hope.

Dave- the camera guy- is a veteran and a designer at Metromedia Funding Solutions LLC web development program. Learn more about them in this EPISODE

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